Charlie Dick and Jim McCoy

“I have known of Jim for 50 years or more. My first remembrances are of his Saturday morning radio shows on WINC in Winchester, Virginia. He always
promoted where he would be playing with his band, and he sometimes would have local talent perform. One of the local talents, who was lucky enough to be on his show, was Patsy Cline.

When she was about 16 or so, she came to the station and asked Jim if she could perform on his radio show. Jim was kind enough to let her perform, and you know the rest of the story. Patsy went on to bigger things, but she always came home and would see Jim, and sometimes work with him when she was in town.

I really became close friends with Jim after Patsy died. Jim was even a pall bearer at Patsy’s funeral. Only after getting to know him more personally did I realize just how much Country Music meant to him and how much Jim meant to Country Music. He was always willing to help local talents, whether it was having them appear with him at shows, or getting them connected to the music business in Nashville. I am sure there are many people who can thank Jim for all the help he gave them in their careers.

One of Jim’s idols was Ernest Tubb, The Texas Troubadour. Jim was honored to become a friend of Ernest’s. When Jim opened his country music venue in West Virginia, he named it “The Troubadour” in honor of his friend. Even today it is still a hot spot. Jim operates The Troubadour with the help of his lovely wife, Bertha. Or does Bertha operate it, with the help of Jim?

Jim became my close friend in the ’60s, when I really needed a close friend, and I am proud to call him my friend to this day.”

Charlie Dick, and daughter Julie