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To all of our friends, neighbors, and customers,

A group of us have decided to help Bertha and Jim McCoy during trying times. As most of you know, both Jim and Bertha have been very ill. Bertha was admitted to Winchester Hospital on August 6-9, 2012. They operated and found that she had cancer. Jim, who is 85 years old, was put in the hospital on December 26, 2013, for several health problems. He is still recovering and will be for quite some time. He has been in the hospital seven times since December 2013. In June 2014, Jim has had five more operations, a colon operation, and then in August a lung operation. In January of this year, he has been back in the hospital with more heart problems.

Jim and Bertha have had to give up some of their duties in the bar, and in order to keep the Troubadour open they have to pay employees to cover daily operations—a large expense for a small business. Out-of-pocket expenses for hospitals, doctors, and medications that Medicare does not cover are mounting, and all that they want to do is keep the Troubadour open and get back on their feet.

Please consider making a donation today—large or small—to help these good folks out. They have been in our community for 27 years providing a great spot to meet with friends, a venue for raising funds for various causes, and in general just a place to have a good time. Let’s show our support! Please send your donations to the Bertha & Jim McCoy illness fund. All funds will be placed in an account at CNB bank in Berkeley Springs to pay their medical bills. All checks or money orders can be mailed to 25 Troubadour Lane, Berkeley Springs, WV 25411, or dropped off at the Troubadour.

Thanks so much for your support,

Friends of the Troubadour


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Come on down and hang out with Jim McCoy - 2009 Spirit Award winner
Stop on by for a savory steak, a beer and some good friends.

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What's that you say?  The Regulars were in town with OUR regulars at the Troubadour.  Check out the youtube video that includes many of our friends - enjoy!

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